It was nothing when it first started. It's something for me now. That's something. A few years back, I started blogging here so that a couple of friends (make that good friends) would critique my writing and gee me up. Well , frankly, they did not give a damn and not for lack of time. And that's alright (I am no Will, and this is no Good Will Hunting).

But so many people and friends came back with such special encouragement (always superlatives, always inspirational) that someday, I might just write a book (that goes to show how God, who BTW does exist, strikes celestial harmony). I have a couple of ideas, and the less bizarre one is about two talking animals moonlighting as everyday superheros with Lycra super costumes.

Something else beckons now. A more private space to chronicle the angular turn life has taken. My family is a couple of crazy canines, a laugh-out loud enabler husband and a little imp of a daughter. I want to write about that. I also want to write unfettered thoughts, the expression of which becomes constrained when I know opinions lurk somewhere, and rightly so, since I asked for them. Its a tough and responsible thing to do. And I just want to be an unleashed little puppy in the garbage dump for now.

In that space, I want to be quirky when I want to be. Obnoxiously opinionated when I have to be. Judgmental, irate, irreverent,surly, grumpy, hyper sensitive and hence, hyperventilating when I can be. Partisan, boorish, redneck, rightist, phobic. And then breezy and funny and existentially happy all over again. And liberal. And grammatically and semantically and politically incorrect.

This blog is a milestone I am digging in. On that highway I think I wrote of in here. Its not the end of an era (just shifting real estate, and going all Greta Garbo on it).

I know a few people still stop by and look for a new thought. I am going to email you some of the less irreverent writing I do. Will you let me know you are interested? And thank you, and you, and you. That pretty much individually and statistically all the readership I got. :-)

Bye for now. Shifted to my private equity.


Raaga said...

Absolutely. I can email you my personal email ID and would love to hear from you. I mean... I have had your blog on my reader all this while.

Fauzia said...

good to see u back here! plz keep me updated as well:)

Eva said...

Hey... After such a long time.. I remembered your blog.. thought of visiting it and found you again.. happy with your canines and husband and daughter... keep writing.. Its not only interesting but inspirational to read you..

namrata said...

i am one of those, who stopped by...once in a while and i absolutely love your writing!..SORRY..but you cannot escape :))

Anonymous said...
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Nithya said...

Am delighted that you are back! and ofcourse! i want to hear more ;-)

Nithya said...

Excited to hear from you through a different medium!! and yes! of course, i want to hear more ;-)