Mediocrity Blues

How is it ok? Its not ok.

Customer care executives at your friendly neighbourhood cell phone company.
  1. Meeting someone for an appointment.
  2. Airport signs.
  3. Email etiquette.
  4. Mobile phone etiquette.
I am thinking of all the things that I marked as "large room for improvement" when I was reflecting on why mediocrity is not only accepted in our living rooms and board rooms, but it actually flies! It works magic. Its the highest bar to reach. Yooo Hoo. Above-average is nirvana. So why dream big? Why care? %^&& the extra mile? What exactly does one trade off in exchange for mediocrity? A directory of answers to any situation, to start with.
  1. Sorry, hard of hearing.
  2. Sorry, got the sun in my eye.
  3. Sorry. That should be enough for you. No?
  4. You owe me anyway. But I will talk my way through this.
  5. Sorry, I dont like you.
  6. This is my responsibility and I can do what I want with it.
  7. I hate your body language - screw you.
  8. I am talking to you. I am listening to you. But I am sorry I still dont understand. Back up please. At your own risk.
  9. I really, really want to waste your time because I think you are nothing in my scheme of things. On second thoughts, if you were someone too, I would probably screw up anyway.

So basically lets take the focus right out of our court to someone else's. Thats what we bring in when we buy mediocrity. Find scapegoats. Nail them. Rationale does not matter. Find the fall guy and he will find his (I would be on my way finding the next one). Lets waste our time in this mind-numbing domino. Mediocrity is what we settle for. Its a state of mind, rather than something sitting on that table.

When inspiration means little less than motivation on overtime, which was suspect in the first place anyway, we are really downing the ante. Inspiration is about impossibilities, its the stuff Lance Armstrong is made of. Its not pretty sounding stuff, its hard hitting. Its really about where you make the difference. Where you pick the mediocrity snag, and blast it away from your life permanently. Everyone of us can do it. Its what we pick to do.

Mediocrity is not the burnt cake, but the short changing of the egg-whisking part. Mediocrity is being ok with not having given your truest shot (how, how, how???). Worst of all, its about having the chance, and just watching it disintegrate, aware, conscious and maybe, satisfied. People who have the choice between mediocre and special (thats the only difference), and choose the former, sit on trees and eat fruits. Its best for them to stay out of trouble. The heat will be too much.


namrata said...

Totally agree!!...mediocrity is for people who have the nerve to accept things..things as they are all around them...not for someone who gets up and says.."This is not for me...and you bet i will change it"...happened to watch 'Pursuit of Happyness' and i learnt life's toughest lessons all over posed a question.."How far will you go?"..i dunno how far i will get..but nothing is goin to make me give up my dreams...NOTHING!

Diligent Candy said...


Anonymous said...

Dont settle for less. i have learnt that from you